2009 Honors Banquet Photo Gallery
DAHF trustee and Honors Banquet ticket sales chairman Bruce Marvel (right) checking in guests.Reception area in UD's Clayton Hall with guests enjoying "hangar flying" prior to dinner.One of several large radio-controlled aircraft models adding to ambiance in reception area.
Army Air National Guard "Stardust Knights" combo providing music background in reception area.DAHF trustee Youth Aviation Achievement Award chairman Ron Mehan and recipient Ariel Evans.2009 DAHF selectee Brig.Gen (Ret) Jon Reynolds in front of his "inductee display" in reception area.
2009 selectee Jim Kohler on right with DAHF trustee and "wingman" presentor Hugh Horning.Colin Hunt, Holger Hoiriis' son-in-law, and another daughter of Hoiriis, Mrs. Karen Hasek, in front of the Hoiriis exhibit.
 DAHF trustee and "wingman" Jean Toman with her selectee Dave Cannavo.DAHF trustee and"wingman" Sharon Forbes for selectee Rubel Auchuleta with his daughter Ann.DAHF trustee and"wingman" Dan Coons for selectee Doug Harris, with Mrs. Ruth Harris.DAHF medallion and plaque which are awarded to each inductee.Piper recessing from the procession of DAHF selectees and "wingman" into the dining room.United States and Delaware flags posted by the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Color Guard.
The Pledge of Allegiance , led by William Wilson DAHF Trustee Jean Toman leading the audience in singing the National Anthem 2000 inaugural class inductee Jan Churchill delivering the invocation. DAHF president Harry Van Den Heuvel presenting plaque to YAA recipient Ariel Evans. Inductee Rubel Archuleta's daughter Ann accepting plaque in his honor.  DAHF president Harry Van Den Heuvel presenting plaque to inductee Dave Cannavo.Inductee Doug Harris' wife Ruth accepting plaque in his honor.Frank Ianni - DAHF trustee, Banquet co-chairman, MC and "wingman" for inductee Holger Hoiriis.Colin Hunt accepting inductee plaque and medallion for father-in-law Holger Hoiriis.President Van Den Heuvel presenting inductee plaque to DANG Lt. Col. Jim Kohler. President Van Den Heuvel presenting inductee plaque to USAF Brig.Gen.(Ret) Jon Reynolds.President Van Den Heuvel delivering induction ceremony closing remarks.DAHF founding president Dave Moffitt receiving the10th Anniversary appreciation plaque. 2009 Class of Inductees and those accepting for them with president Van Den Heuvel.
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