2011 Honors Banquet Photo Gallery
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Inductee David McCallister's display.Inductee David McCallister's daughter poses with her father's display.Inductee John Jordan's display.2000 Inductee James Sulpizi with DNG Adjutant General Vavala.
Delaware Army National Guard “Stardust Knights” combo.Guests signing in at the Honors Banquet registration table.Guests and Inductees gather for some "hangar flying" during reception.All Inductees had their impressive displays on exhibit for the attendees to view.Inductee Dan Coons with several of his former studentsNaval Aviation 100th Anniversary display.A Piper and Color Guard procession opens the Honors Ceremony."Posting of the Colors".Paul Cathelll leads in the Pledge of Allegiance leader, joined by Master of Ceremonies Jim Kohler and Banquet Chairman Frank Ianni.DAHF Trustee Ron Mehan presenting Youth Award recipient  Willie Gonzalez.
Wingman & DAHF Trustee Jim Hickin accepting for Inductee NASA Astronaut Nancy Currie, PH.D.
Wingman & DAHF President Hugh Horning inducting Dr. Daniel Coons, Ed.D.Inductee John Kroening, Ph.D., with Wingman/ DAHF Trustee Linda Berl.
Inductee John Jordan receiving his plaque from DAHF President Hugh Horning.Wingman/ DAHF trustee Al Suber presenting inductee Lt. Col. David McCallister.Wingman/ DAHF trustee Mike Brock presenting inductee John Renzetti. The 2011 Class of Inductees to the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame.Prior Inductees in attendance for the Honors Banquet.2011 Inductee Dan Coons and family pose for their formal group photo.