LeSans Alexander - 2016 Inductee
LeSans Alexander
Air Traffic Control Veteran, ARCC Supervisor, Chief Controller- RAPCON
Trained 65 US and International Controllers

Mrs. LeSans Alexander is a 34-year air traffic control (ATC) veteran who served in the USAF as an air traffic controller for 16 1/2 years, She continued to pursue her career in air traffic control as part of the Department of Defense contingent at Dover Air Force Base in Dover DE, where Mrs. Alexander resides. She has committed the past nineteen years of service to the Delmarva area in both a military and civilian capacity and is currently employed as the Flying Hours Program Manager for the Air National Guard at Joint Base Andrews, MD.

Mrs. Alexander’s accomplishments within ATC are many. They include assignments to Berlin, supervising the Air Route Control Center, the Dover AFB Radar Approach Control and Dover Tower facilities, the Pentagon Tower, the Davison Army Airfield, and the Fort Belvoir Ground Control Radar unit. She has served as interim Chief Controller, RAPCON: Chief Controller Tower and Chief, and the Training and Standards Manager at the Dover AFB complex, in charge of managing and resolving flight safety and operational issues.

Her ATC expertise was called on as critical situations developed, these included the response to 9/11, clearing the regional airspace and directing approved traffic, including FBI and security services, developing and replying revised operations procedures to handle airspace deviations, and more. But arguably of most impact has been that Mrs. Alexander has been directly responsible for the training of sixty-five US and international controllers, now holding key ATC positions around the world in critical areas including the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Department of Defense, and the
Federal Aviation Administration.