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2009 Inductees
Rubel V. Archuleta (1914-2010) - Bachelor's degree in 1941 from New Mexico State University and commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Army Air  Corps.  Flew 210 missions in Southwest Pacific in P-38s, P-40s and P-51s.  Received numerous  commendations for leading attacks on Japaneses shipping and invasion forces.  Retired from USAF at  Dover, Delaware as deputy base commander.
David P. Cannavo - (1955-2018) Soloed at 16 and commercial license at 17.  At 18, started building full-scale flying replica of "The  Spirit of St. Louis".  From 1970s through 1990s was director of maintenance and president of Aero Taxi  at NCC Airport. In recent years, buying, refurbishing and selling many European military jets and participating and winning in Reno National Champion Air Races (jet category).
Douglas L. Harris - Was graduated from Duke University with B.S. degree in 1935 and commissioned in Army Air Corps 1942.  In  1944, as a  B-17 captain, commanded 30 bombing missions including 800 plane raid over Schweinfurt,  Germany; losses included 38 U.S. bombers, 16 Allied fighters and 83 enemy aircraft.  After the war,  established a business in lower Delaware and served on the Dover City council for seven terms.
Holger Hoiriis (1901-1942) - The Danish-born youth came to America in 1924 at age 23, took flying lessons, bought several planes and  barnstormed in the New York area.  In 1931, he and photographer friend Otto Hilger took off from New-foundland in a Bellanca Pacemaker, destination Denmark, 3,150 miles distant. At Copenhagen airport,  he was greeted by 100,000 Danes, including royalty.  He later became a Bellanca Co. test pilot, pioneered the All American Aviaiton airmail pickup service, and was first commander of the Delaware CAP Wing.
James M. Kohler - Has flown more than 40 different aircraft types to 50 different countries for more than 12,500 pilot hours, to date.  A Lieut. Col. in the Delaware Air National Guard, has been deployed to "Desert Storm", Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan,and Bosnia. Is Chief pilot for the DuPont Co. aviation unit.Jim was a Westwind instructor at Flight Safety International, a CAP Mission pilot.  Serves on numerous state and national aviation boards. His two sons are pilots.
Jon A. Reynolds - (1937- 2022) In 1959, was commissioned via the USAF ROTC.  After pilot training, was selected for advanced training  in F-100 type jet fighters. First tour in Southwest Asia was advisor and forward air controller for the  Army of the Republic of Vietnam.  Returned to the U.S. flying F-105s and deployed to Thailand flying  strike missions against North Vietnam.  Was shot down, captured and interred as a POW for seven years. Post war, earned a PhD degree and held numerous high-level positions in the military, federal government  and industry.