John McChesney Morgan - 2001 Inductee
John McChesney Morgan (1915-1981). In 1931, at age 16, Morgan became America's youngest licensed pilot. In the years to follow, he flew as instructor, charter pilot, World War I I transport pilot, CAA examiner and, for 36 years through nine generations of aircraft, personal pilot for the R. R. M. Carpenter family of Montchanin.

After college in 1937, "Johnnie Mac," as he was known, got a commercial rating and joined Air Service, a small flight training and maintenance operation at Bellanca Airport. The firm also did charter work and provided pilots for the Carpenter plane. Johnnie Mac started as a co-pilot.

In 1938, he got an instrument rating, and in 1940 he became certified as a CAA flight examiner. When World War II broke out, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps Ferrying Command and ultimately became chief pilot at the Air Transport Command's largest Pacific base. He attained the rank of major.

Following the war, Johnnie Mac rejoined Air Service where he became chief pilot. In 1965 he was named general manager of Summit Aviation at Middletown,  a post he held while still flying for the Carpenters.

In 1973, the National Business Aircraft Association cited him for 1,500,000 safe miles of flying.

Johnnie Mac" was nominated to the DAHF by James A. Robb of  Middletown.