Richard C. (Kip) duPont, Jr. - 2004 Inductee
    Richard C. (Kip) duPont, Jr. (1937-1986) was the son of the founder of All American Aviation. Kip learned to fly in 1953 at age 16 at DuPont Airfield near Greenville, Del. In summers he flew personnel of the firm's Engineering division to and from its operations at Sussex County Airport at Georgetown, Del.

    After completing his studies at the University of Miami and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical School in Miami, Kip joined Mohawk Airlines and the Delaware Air National Guard. In 1959 he started Manor Aviation at New Castle County Airport, offering charter flights in a twin Beech Model 18 equipped with bar and club seating.

    The next year he established Summit Aviation at Middletown, Del., and built a high-tech fixed-base operation offering Might instruction; engine, avionics and airframe maintenance; charter flights and a full line of services for general aviation. In 1961 the firm became a Cessna dealer and later added Lear Jet and Enstrom Helicopter dealerships. In the late 1960s Kip and two friends launched an airfreight carrier, "Del/Air," (later renamed Summit Airlines) hauling cargo from eastern hubs to cities as far as the Rockies.

    His aircraft collection included a 1936 Aeronca C-3 antique, a posh DC-3, and a World War II P-51 Mustang which he flew open, particularly at air shows.

    Kip died of a heart attack in 1986 at age 49. He had logged 10,000 hours. His wife Caroline, a pilot and board member, took over the controls at Summit Aviation, which continues as a busy technical center, principally for turbine equipment, and a popular destination for general aviation.