Austin Jer-Don - 2017 Youth Aviation Achievement Award
  Austin Jer-Don graduated from Delaware Military Academy in June, 2015. In high school he was a member of the Math League, on the honor roll, and was a member of the Indoor Track team. By the end of his high school career he had moved up the ranks and was Battalion Operations Risk
Manager during his senior year. While in high school he received the following NJROTC awards: Honor Platoon Medal, Community Service Ribbon, Exemplary Personal Appearance Ribbon 5th Award, NS1 Outstanding Cadet Ribbon, Physical Fitness Ribbon, Exemplary Conduct Ribbon, and Distinguished Unit Ribbon 4th Award. He really enjoyed the structure of the military and decided he wanted to become a pilot for the Air Force.

Austin became a junior member of the Christiana Fire Company. He attended several classes and was trained in many different areas of firefighting. Including Nationally Certified in Hazardous Awareness by the NFPA, CPR certified, Basic Firefighting Class and Structural Firefighting

Upon Austin's graduation from Delaware Military Academy he joined the Air National Guard of Delaware. He had to pick a job for the Guard and decided to become a Load Master to learn as much as he could about the C-130 plane. He also was accepted into Delaware State University and is majoring in the Aviation Professional Pilot program. He graduated from the Air Force Basic Military training at Lackland AFB, TX and attended two Tech schools (Lackland and Little Rock, AR) to learn his Loadmaster job. After graduation from the tech schools he attended and graduated fromSurvival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training at Fair Child AFB in Spokane, WA.

Austin is enrolled in classes for the Fall semester 2017 to return to Delaware State University to complete his degree. In order to apply for a pilot position in the military he needs a college degree.