Seth Walters - 2018 Youth Aviation Achievement Award
  Seth Walters- Seth is a young man who has already set career goals for his future.  Becoming a pilot was something that Seth has dreamed of ever since as a 6 year old kid he took his first airline flight and was invited to tour the cockpit. He met and talked with the pilot and was thrilled to receive his plastic “Pilots Wings”. 

His desire to become a commercial pilot was supported by his mother who made a commitment to him that she would passionately support him in his desire, but it would take dedication and hard work on his part to achieve his goal.  While attending a seminar about the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII he was encouraged to join the Civil Air Patrol which he did as soon as he was old enough. 

During his high school years he has attended summer camps for digital graphics, cartooning, robotics and Civil Air Patrol activities as well as work as an intern for the School District of Philadelphia.  While in high school where he has been able to maintain a 3.5 GPA he applied to and was accepted as a cadet by the Tuskegee Next program. 

The Tuskegee Next “Cadet” program is a challenging program similar to the original Tuskegee Airmen Project.  The cadets are in a life changing “total immersion” program that will last for three months.  Students live in dormitories, attend daily classes which include: classroom ground school, flight simulators, pilot training and life skill development courses. 

Seth, along with nine other Cadets began their training in June of 2018 at the Tuskegee Next training center in Chicago near the DuPage Flight Center airport.

Seth’s flight instruction soon began with the goal of obtaining his pilot license within three months.

Seth completed his flight training last August.  He has soloed, attained the necessary flight time and received his Private Pilot license.

He has also been awarded a certificate for the successful completion of the Tuskegee Next program and is well on his way to achieving his career goals.

Seth returned to Delaware in August and is currently in his senior year at String Theory High School, the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School.  His primary interests other than flying are poetry, singing, drawing and video games.  Seth is looking forward to graduation and attending college. He has not yet decided which college, but whichever one it will have to offer an aviation program.