George P. Durney  (1923-1998), creator of apparel fabrics for space flight and designer of the Apollo astronauts’ moon suits.
Richard H. Ellis  (1919-1989), commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command.
Anne C. Eriksen  (1930-2020), Newark, founder of the Delaware chapter of the 99s international organization of women pilots, and creator of aviation scholarships for young people.
Floyd H.L. Durham  (1918- 2010), Dover, builder and for 46 years operator of Delaware Airpark at Cheswold.
Janet  I. Churchill  New Castle, leader in numerous pilot organizations, airshow pilot, author and lecturer on aviation.
James R. Sulpizi  (1930-2017) New Castle, “father of aviation” in the Delaware Army National Guard and Delaware’s first State Army Aviation Officer.
Guiseppe M Bellanca  (1886-1960), designer and builder of some 300 planes in New Castle during the years 1928-1956.
2000 Inductees
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