2024 Honors Banquet
24th Annual Banquet to Honor Pilots With Accolades and Fellowship
A special evening in the history of the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame (DAHF) will be held on Sunday, October 27th, starting at 5:00pm, at the Executive Banquet & Conference Center in Newark, Delaware. The center of attraction—six of the First State’s most distinguished people of aviation, plus a Youth Aviation Achievemnt Award winner—will be honored with decorations and ovations, all within the Conference Center with its colorful table decor, tastefully prepared dinner, and helpful serving staff.

Ceremony and Dinner
The celebrants will be ushered into the Center's main banquet room. The Master of Ceremonies  will officiate the ceremony by calling on the bagpiper to lead the procession into the hall. The Military Color Guard will open the ceremony with the posting of the colors. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the  "Star Spangled Banner" will be sung.
The Program
Following dinner, President LeSans Alexander will welcome everyone and recognize the dignitaries who are in attendance. The 2024 Youth Aviation Achievement Award winner will be announced and presented with a certificate and DAHF scholarship award.
A basket raffle will be held with a variety of specially designed baskets and prizes awarded.

To view photos of the 2023 ceremony click here.
Hangar Flyin’ and Cocktails
The evening will start off with a cocktail and hors d’oeuvre reception in the expansive main hall of the Center.
This venue offers an opportunity for aviation people to meet and catch up on “what’s new” and to greet the honorees. Photos, reproduction prints and models of U.S.aircraft will be exhibited around the Center. A continuous video gallery of DAHF inductees will be projected on a big screen. Plus, memorabilia on display at each of the 2023 Inductees' tables.
Presentation of Inductees:
The 2024 honorees and their “wingmen" will be called individually, in alphabetical order, to the platform. (Following their selection, each inductee was assigned a member of the DAHF board to serve as his/her liaison. Fittingly, they dubbed themselves “wingmen").

Each honoree will be introduced by their wingman to the audience. At the conclusion of each of their introductions,  DAHF President LeSans Alexander will present each inductee with a plaque and ribboned medallion in honor of their induction to the Hall of Fame.